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Reduce Youth Unemployment

  • Build and maintain excellent customer relationships by engaging with employers to develop a skilled workforce
  • Meeting the wants and needs of our learners by making sure they are offered suitable qualifications and that learners get opportunities to progress.
  • Learners are given information and advice on progression opportunities to meet the strategic aim of 50% of learners progressing to further qualifications or training.
  • Each learner is different and has different needs, our Learners and Employees receive individual advice and support to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Going the extra mile to support a learner and leave an excellent & memorable impression of Skills2Achieve which will influence their future options and choices.
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Have a Win Win Attitude

Support and Advise Unemployed Young People into a Qualification

  • Make sure your learners achieve their goals by meeting their targets.
  • Making sure the best outcome for the Learner is always achieved through effective pre - screening activity and support and guidance given to Learners.
  • Positive atmosphere
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Respect and Support

Everyone to Achieve Skills2Achieve's Mission Statement

  • Understand everybody’s strengths and areas for development and provide support and guidance through feedback given to each other.
  • Treating everyone fairly, in regards to our colleagues and learners, giving them the support and guidance they need to achieve their goals and therefore support the aims of the business.
  • Trust & Equality in the team
  • Listen to staff and learners needs/feedback and take actions on issues and provide information, advice and guidance where appropriate.
  • Treating everyone the same and always considering other people’s feelings.
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By Helping Learners and Staff to Benefit from the Stepping Stones to Success

  • Being able to trust and support each other to achieve sustainable employment and training for unemployed people.
  • Helping each other to complete tasks, to keep the workload manageable and targets and goals achievable.
  • Have integrity. Address each other’s stress/pressure, help each other, agree, respect and understand everyone’s decisions.
  • Always offering support to each other, when you see a team mate who is under pressure offer to help.